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Airfields, aircraft operators and travelers use AilesX to build a new regional and urban air travel economy

We give anyone, anywhere easy access to the digital air travel economy, by bringing a 1000x
improvement in air travel data sharing speed, scale, cost and user experience.

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Massively Scalable

Local ecosystems gathering into one digital platform brings massive improvements compared to previously scattered regional air travel by enabling real-time data processing.

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Secure & Efficient

We propose a new digital approach trough blockchain technologies which ensures long term security and distributed fairness, while enabling new air travel business models.


We have integrated user focused data interface, created airfields, operators, travelers, and enterprise app interaction views, enabling managing facilities and traveling in minutes.

Onboard passengers, operate new routes

AilesX proposes a software infrastructure, that empowers airport and airlines with the most popular flexible tools, and comes with clear and canonical documentation.
You can quickly start and create your airport, onboarding passengers, or add your airline and start operating new routes.

Why adding your
airport heliport airline FBO airfield to AilesX?

AilesX is running a door-to-door air travel digital platform, empowering local actors and boosting economic exchanges between regions.
Airports and airlines get empowered with custom tools to operate their facilities, perfectly fitting regional and urban air travel needs.

Here’s why you should start AilesX today:

  • Be awesome and make history by being part of the AilesX ecosystem
  • Be an early adopter of a game changing technology
  • Monitor flights in real time
  • Communicate easily between pilots, airlines and airport
  • Onboard passenger and verify their identity
  • Add more aircraft to your fleet

Augmented flight experience

Flying on the AilesX network can be fun and profitable

Become the pilot of
a small a regional an electrical a hydrogen aircraft

AilesX brings the user experience to another level. Every passenger get the chance to experience the flight as a pilot, all information displayed on your personal phone or tablet.

Get hourly rewards thanks to NFT Aircraft Ownership! Own an airline fleet through NFT, your assets work for you.

Traveling with AilesX is similar to driving a Tesla, every action at your fingertip.

What is the AilesX flying experience?

Accessibility, flexibility and customization matter more than ever.
Discover a new level of comfort and freedom of flight, driven by the members.

The flight schedule adapts to your travel habits. Whether it is during the week for business meetings
or for weekend relaxation, discover your regions from a new angle.

Launch your own affordable
regional aviation route!

Unique voting system for frequent regional travelers.
After 100 votes, book your membership and travel unlimited on your favorite routes and all already in place!

Making it a reality

Your route does not appear? Suggest a new route and help sharing it with interested parties.
Enjoy at least one round trip every morning and evening from every new route.

Unlimited travel at your fingertips

Book, fly and book again, it’s that easy. Nothing can stop you and we won’t hold you back. There’s an AilesX membership option for any of your needs. No limits – fly wherever and whenever you want across the network.

Receive a reward for every referral using your affiliate link! Your friend became an AilesX member? Both of you win a premium round trip on the network.

Travel anywhere in Europe

Your destination is not served? A simple request and a discrete plane, perfectly adapted to European distances, is waiting for you at the airport of your choice.

Share your journey with AilesX members and mutualize your transport costs, already three times lower compared to similar aircraft.

Get involved, be part of the community

Be part of an active community of early adopters focused on building the future.


Great technology is the result of a clear vision for the future, and a focused team pushing to execute and deliver a product that users love. Investors with the foresight to identify and back such a team are the ones making the future happen.

(coming soon)

Fractional Ownership

Buy and sell aircraft shares in minutes, get rewarded every flying hour. Each aircraft is represented by a number of NFTs. Owning an NFT is owning the hourly income generated by the aircraft. Welcome to the new shared economy.

(coming soon)


The AilesX ambassadors are pioneers of the Web3 revolution. They grow the AilesX ecosystem in different countries, spread the message online, write educational content and run meetups for the aviation industry all over the globe.

(coming soon)

A Token to Fuel the AilesX Economy

The AilesX (LX) Token is native to the AilesX Network and will be used for everything from staking, governance, transactions, fractional NFT aircraft ownership and validator rewards.

AilesX Token


The total supply of AILESX is 100 million. This is a fixed supply, there will be no AILESX minted or burned. The AILESX token will be created and the total supply  will be verified at Etherscan.

How to get AILESX

The AilesX (LX) Token is coming soon on launchpads.
All platforms will be displayed below and all informations available on telegram.

Discover a new
way to invest

The aircraft used by the AilesX community generate a return for each hour flown. The return portfolio rewards owners in proportion to their investment.
Simply own a Fractional NFT and own the hourly return of aircraft flying on our network! It is the best way to invest money in real life assets.
(Coming soon!)

Invite your friends and earn up to €100 free for you and your friend when registered and made a first deposit. (Coming soon!)

The People behind AilesX

Highly innovative team

AilesX is built by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and pilots with significant programming backgrounds, technical and aviation experience.

Aviation and Innovation incubators

AilesX is selected by most prestigious incubators in France. The FrenchTech Mission selected AilesX to be part of the TREMPLIN national start’up incubation program.

Watch AilesX Presentation

2min pitch video

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